Iris Lim

Architectural Assistant

Iris Lim earned her Master of Architecture (Hons) degree from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

She has interned and worked in the Housing Development Board (HDB) and local firms like, LAANK and Spatial Anatomy, where she was highly integrated into a wide variety of projects ranging from developing concepts for housing masterplan, creating brand and design pitches to clients and working on construction drawings for high-rise buildings as well as boutique commercial projects like, Kimage Prestige and Porcelain Face Spa.

She was also a former Intern at PAC. Currently back as a full-fledged member, she is given new opportunities and greater responsibilities to work on different scales of projects from the Founders’ Memorial Competition in Singapore, Mountain Media Centre Project and an A&A work for Genting Grand Hotel both in Chongli, China.

Iris is keen on developing her architectural knowledge and experience in the design industry. She is particularly passionate to learn more about how design and technology can be assimilated into the professional technicalities of an architectural project.

In her personal time, her interest in food, travel, and reading continues to broaden her perspective of the world.