P.A.C is a progressive design office engaging in the design within the field of the built environment. Founded in 2009 by Lim Keong Wee and Victoria Loh, the studio works on a diverse range of projects across Asia from urban and resort planning to localized adaptive refurbishments.

The office's core design principle is to engage in the critical analysis and appraisal of buildings and their effects on the contemporary city. We design through narratives that address real issues concerning urban, cultural and political life within the City. This actively integrates stakeholders such as users, clients and specialists as vital players in the design process. Constraints and economies become important ingredients that enrich the projects. We wholly embrace these conditions as generative forces that shape our formal ideas and strategies. The concepts that we develop out of this process are thus inherently contextual.

We strive for a design expression where form follows purpose; in the sense that the building should represent its ideas and strategies in the most direct way possible through formal reinterpretations, structural manipulations and material organisations. It is through such persistence and rigour that we believe new typologies can arise.

The design process that PAC undertakes is open-ended and can operate at multiple scales from urban design to furniture. In 2010, we completed our first built project in Nepal, a 3,000sqm column free multipurpose hall with boarding and classroom facilities which utilities natural daylight and ventilation. In 2011, we were commissioned to design the Hemis Monastic Institute in Ladakh, India. This will be a building prototype for Ladakh where passive energy design strategies are fused with local building technologies. In the same year, the office was also commissioned to design a villa resort masterplan in Chongli, China. The project explored the concept of 'living within a forest' where a variety villa types where designed to react to the existing preserved forestry. In 2012, PAC completed the Herman Miller flagship store for Xtra where digital design and manufacturing of a component based surface accumulates to a shopfront and interior of the store. This project was presented the World Architecture Festival 2013 award for Retail.

Currently, PAC is exploring a diversity of conditions across Asia including a residential tower in Kuala Lumpur and a hill-side mixed used development in Malaysia, a 550 room hotel, a Cabin Hostel and interiors for several private residences in Singapore.